CHILDREN'S workshop

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Practicing through the intertwining of dance movement techniques, from climbing, contemporary dance, yoga, contact improvisation, spontaneous dance, offers contact with the body in a unique way. It is important that the body feels relaxed, strong, flexible and persistent. It leads to the integrity of movement through the feeling of body moods and to the search for a balance between courage and caution.

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From NOVEMBER 2021 till MAY 2022

Waldorf school Ljubljana

Streliška 12, Ljubljana

tuesday:   15:30 -16:30 - children-advanced

                  16:30 -17:30 - children-beginners

thursday:  15:30 -16:30 - children-mixed

From OKTOBER 2021 till MAY 2022

Partizan Medvode

Cesta ob Sori 15, Medvode

wednesday:    15:15 - 16:15 

                         16:15 - 17:15 

 friday:            15:15 - 16:15 

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guided by: Urša&Ronja, mother&doughter


Balance! That's the key word. Travel into wholeness through the feeling of bodily moods. Search for a balance between courage and caution. For the general motorical intelligence is important combining exercises for strength, coordination, stretching, body posture, spontaneous movement. Aerail silk elements and other movement skills we encounter are tried out help upbring and encourage holistic child’s development. I recommend whorkshops to everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge.



I love horses, winter and hights. I like to practice my aerail silk skills at performances and street shows. I will be happy to teach my future students aerial silk. now I still attend elementary school, but I want to continue at the circus academy.

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