Authentic BODY Presence

embodiment through movement-voice

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BREATH, rhythm, movement, voice…BODY

we let our ATTENTION to our body with open sensation,

come back into natural ALIVENESS.

How not to overtake or delay our own rhythm? life? pulse?

seize A MOMENT!

be the DANCE

of authentic PRESENCE

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a new sets of meetings

from 6 of september till 25 of october

from 1 of November till 20 of December

Monday from 18h- 20h

Higher Vibration,

Cesta Andreja Bitenca 68,

1000 Ljubljana

photo: Vesna Vilar


We are Present! We’re Whole! We are Enough!

Hm, or sometimes not? How to restore the primal states of Oneness, Wholeness and Sufficiency. How to remember your genuine presence over and over again and integrate it into your daily life? I invite you to the yoga of Presence.

From established petterens of movement into spontaneity, from dance of opposites into oneness, through pain into (self)healing, from captivity to freedom, from dispersion to wholeness.

through immersion to sensuality of the body, comprehensive sensation,

we meet a quality as RELAXATION, LIGHTNESS





That would help us to be more present and authentic

 in our daily life, at work, in a relationships…

Meetings are open to everyone, who wants to listen to your body attentively 

and release physical, emotional, spiritual or collective bounds, address probable pains

and heightened the quality of the INNER SELF CONNECTION. 

To meet unknown parts of yourself and integrate.


Meetings are spontaneous mix and match of known and unknown, 

laboratory of the psychosomatic techniques.


return to your RELAXSATION,

to your NATURAL state!

“The whole difficulty of the spontaneity for which the tantrika longs,

is to succeed in seizing the moment with the same lively agility

with which one would seize a venomous snake. Hesitation can be fatal!”

D. ODIER (from the book Desire)


90€ - 8 meetings

Participation possible only in the whole set of meetings 

in order to create a safe space for the group

The group has 10-15 participants.

Everyone who attends the entire set gets a special one-on-one meeting gift,

 if you want to solve or see something personal. Proceeds intuitively…

through voice, movement, dance, meditation, silence, conversation.

50€- individual meeting

Set of 8 MEETINGS 


To make it easier to imagine what we will be doing at the next meetings, I have articulated a couple of central themes. These are topics that are closely related and also experienced. Above all, the Present/Authentic BODY is an invitation to the experience of Life itself and has nothing to do with any theory, philosophy, religion, conceptualization or tradition. It can be reminiscent of something familiar and is also inspired by many teachings, methods, masters, religions, traditions, books, encounters, experiences and inexperiences. However, it is not about consolidating this knowledge, but about experiencing life without all of it. When any theories fall away, we are left alone, in experience. What's going on there? How do you happen? What are you meeting? And what do you do with this space? It’s a surprise par excellence that you’re hard to prepare for. And you can only prepare to be unprepared :) An invitation to this space is an invitation to Your space, YOU…. How should anyone other than you know how does it feel being there?

The set of 8 Meetings invites us to transfer the experience into everyday life and live it. We internalize and embody it. Attendance at all meetings is recommended.


 6.9.: ALIVENESS - body rhythm

Recognizing aliveness itself, what is it anyway? What is this for you? Exploring the energy impulse that flows through our body. An impulse associated with elements of nature such as earth, air, fire and water on the physical and metaphysical. Recognize the blueprint of your impulse through tone, color, rhythm of movement and voice. The physical body connects us to the energetical body, which expresses the aliveliness of our being. Traveling through movement energetically embodies the source energy we carry with us. What does our source energy communicate, where does it lead us, how does it manifest in our lives? This energy is unique and incomparable to others.

13.9 .: TANDAVA- dance of unity

Encounter with the practice of Kashmiri Shaivism, the oldest form of tantra. The Dance of Oneness connects us to the body of the Whole, which we are a part of. We encounter the original Oneness, the intrinsic quality of Fusion. Through sailing in space without end and limitations, we experience ourselves as free beings without limits. The memory of this original state helps us keep the world in balance, between inside and outside, chaos-order. The top experience of tantrika is awakened Spontaneity, where eny response to reality is perfectly aligned with the flow of Life. This spontaneity is intimately linked to untouched Innocence.

20.9: PAIN- self-healing

Our BODY is a collection of bodies, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, collective, light, astral… The physical body is connected to all bodies at once and physical pain can be the application of many other trapped frustrations that we experience in many layers. Immersion in the painful parts of ourselves allows us access to insights into the content of pain. Developing intuition and compassion for your body opens up the potential of an inner healer. Self-healing through the sensations of the body, developing the potential to travel between bodies. Understanding the whole, aligning all bodies into a multidimensional BODY. The voice as a vibration is a healer as it addresses us along with the movement. Voice-Movement in harmony. Integrity-healing.


27.9 .: ZERO POINT- reset

”O” is a symbol for NOTHING and EVERYTHING at the same time. Everything flows there and everything originates from there. It is a ubiquitous state that accompanies us at all times. Returning to this point with consciousness connects us to wholeness and oneness at the same time. The point of ZERO is also the disappearance of oneself, a complete re-set, where we must be ready to lose everything - to gain everything. You don’t even know if you’ll ever come back at all. Strengthens our Courage, Trust and Surrender.


4.10 .: MANDORLA- dance of opposites

We live in Duality, in a world of opposites. We are a net between the male and female principle, Life and Death pulsate in us, sadness-joy, laughter-cry, the world outside-the world inside, black&white, warm-cold, open-closed, loving-hostile, order-chaos. Constantly, without ceasing, the world in this material world moves in opposing principles. Sometimes we ourselves are a picture of the internal struggle between opposites. Can we dance them and allow them to take us into the experience of Oneness? Can we be a battleground between opposites and not fight against it? Consciously give up the fight where you are acting as a warrior. It is the core of the Koan. And therefore a powerful spiritual experience.


11.10 .: EARTH- immersion

The Earth carries and supports us. It has the power to feed and protect us, to embrace and love us… and if she wants to burn us or flush away !. The immersion in the Earth is an encounter with the primary -Prima matter, whose intrinsic quality is love and support, complete trust. If we can find trust in Life, then we become part of Abundance. The survival fear, which is very strong in us, prevents us from contacting Abundance. Because we fear Death, we do not understand that Life already takes care of itself. In appearance and disappearance. We have no control over life, we can only surrender to it. Surrender to Earth is surrender to the Life that lives us. Rebirth is always waiting for us.

18.10 .: ABUNDANCE-integration

Time to celebrate everything you have experienced. Integrate. Do we allow ourselves to just let all experiences work for themselves, without our interference? Losing control over what will be created, is it worth it, is it rewarding, does it make sense, is it useful? It doesn’t matter actually, because it’s not in our power to evaluate our experiences. Let us experience the UNKNOWN without the need to know. It is a masterpiece because it addresses the existential fear that is built into us. In this  way we come into contact with ABUNDANCE.


25.10.:THE OTHER- listening

We are social beings as we respond strongly to the world outside of us. This world co-creates us. Contact with the outside world is defined primarily by relationships with other beings. How do we meet fully, fully present and genuine? Do we put on a mask in front of others? what kind of? How we unconditionally support each other and be supported. Through meeting another, we can fully embody and consolidate our all-presence. How we preserve our authentic energy and nature and at the same time meet each other in this Present-Pristine state. Do we have an ear to hear each other in our differentness?