workshop for women

a journey into wholeness

September 10-12, 2021

Pachamama center,

Kunova, Slovenia

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Sometimes it’s hardest to allow yourself to be spontaneous and healthy, to be whole and happy, to be full and divine. Healing only happens if we allow space for inner feelings to unfold, connect intimately with ourselves, and transform through awareness within. Every topic we come across is a piece in the mosaic of who we are. This realization, however, is a source to the wild healer within.

We want to awaken direct contact with ourselves, get empowered, gain inner trust. We want to discover our inner healer, an artist and an intuitive, who knows what she wants and what she needs. We will travel through the story as a medicine, make a face mask, dance out our feelings and the inner states of our multidimensional bodies. We will create. We will pick up wild plants, make chlorophyll drink out of it, cleanse ourselves of toxins. We will meet in sincere space and share our inner worlds. Let this be an intense two days where nature is our teacher and the community our leader. We will organize the workshops according to the right moment and according to the dynamics of the group. We would like to get to know the authenticity of Inca culture and learn their secrets. We will also learn some basic Inca terms. MUNAJKI TUKUJ SUNQUYWAN, I love you with all my being


workshop topics:


In the morning we will have meditation through movement and voice on the lawn. In silence, we will connect with the senses of the body and indulge in our own voice and movement in the spontaneity of being. There is no boundary between the outer and inner world. We will use technique of tandava, dance of oneness, the oldest tantric practice. We will connect with our aliveness, femininity, elements of nature.


In nature, many plants are edible. In the natural and wild environment of the center, we will gather and learn which plants are edible and which are not. Every morning we will also make a drink from them - the elixir chlorophyla, which cleanses and revitalizes the body. The harvested plants will be used for cooking on the fire in a clay pot in Inca kitchen.


Reflexology of the face, feet and hands. Self-massage works as a preventive treatment through caring for the body and self-love. We will try Luz homemade face cream, the recipe of which she has been assigning for many years.


The symbolism of the stories says a lot about ourselves. Each element in the story addresses us in its own way. We will open up to listen to the story throughout your body and let it tell us its secrets and messages. This time the story will be Wise Vasilisa that is reviving the intuition that comes through the female line. At the end, we will hand sew a rag doll, which represents our intuition and keep it with us. 


We will make a vegan face mask according to your skin type.


We will do a cleansing ritual in the Indian sauna. This will discard unnecessary loads and internal brakes. Thus, we will be open to new knowledge and emptied up of expectations.


Movement patterns are related to mind concepts and emotion patterns. Trans dance helps us free the body and spirit from the shackles of thinking and takes us into states of consciousness beyond the everyday thinking. At the evening fire we will fall into transdance to our own limits and beyond that we can experience ourselves completely authentic and spontaneous.


We women are like bowls. We will create a drinking bowl out of clay. By doing so, we will connect with our feminine energy and give ourselves a new bottom, a new earth that we will take with us into our daily lives. It will remind us of the time we spent with ourselves and in Pachamama.


Sage and other herbs are suitable for wrapping the rolls we use to clean our premises. Protection and cleaning are also important to protect our own inner worlds and keep them clean within ourselves.


Pachamama is full of hidden corners that we can enjoy. We will do meditation in a hanging position and feel our airiness, our lightness. In this way we allow ourselves easiness, which we must know how to take. Sometimes you can just drop all the weight and just be in the moment.


On this unique journey invite you Luz and Urša.

Warmly accepted.


Fee: 200e

Applications until 5.9.2021

Includes accommodation, local organic food, all workshops, materials for making products.

As a gift on arrival you get home-made soap.

There is place for 15-20 participants

Late registrations: 230e

See you on Friday, September 10 at 5 p.m.

We finish on Sunday at 5 p.m.

We will sleep in the premises of Pachamama. Bring a sleeping bag and bed sheet and an armaflex for outdoor use.

If you want to sleep in a tent, bring your equipment with you.


about hosts:



The vision of the Pachamama Center is to be a meditation and ecological project, where we can live a simple and attentive life in harmony with nature. Visitors, volunteers and longer stays are welcome for people who they want to join our way of life. We see ourselves as one big family! We live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in Pachamama. For us that means, we eat what we produce, dirty hands, meditation, creative art projects and the search for joy in the simple activities of everyday life.




Luz, along with her husband Diraj, is the founder of Pachamama and the embodiment of Mother Earth. She takes care of gardens, cooking and art projects and is often employed in drying herbs and making natural soaps and creams. She brings to the Slovenian space the ancient Inca’s wisdom and coexistence with nature. She generously shares her passion and joy of life with everyone who wants to hear it. She believes in knowledge sharing and interconnectedness. “Love your body, your temple. When we are close to nature, we are closer to ourselves. ” Luz



I adore wilderness, dancing, my two children, creativity and traveling.

My research is based on Buddhism, Tantrism, non-dual experiential teachings that I connect with movement practices and translate them to creations. For me, creativity is a never-ending process that changes its art forms and expressions. It travels through the physical and spiritual worlds, creating us, tearing us apart, and re-creating us over and over again. It recreates and changes us. Thus, my design brand DILIGHT is more than a 20-year journey through various art forms of interior design, sustainable fashion and ecological awareness projects. It is currently on the edge of innovative-sustainable re-design.

My dance background comes from contemporary dance, aerial silk, contact improvisation, tango and con-tango.

Working with the body, movement and voice has great potential for self-awareness and deepening of oneself and seeking contact with oneself as a whole being. I am interested in human potential in all its uniqueness, authenticity and realization of it.

I am developing a contemplative movement practice Authentic BODY Presence, where through movement and voice we embody the multidimensionality of all our bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, collective, light…) Is a transformative shamanic practice of self-healing and integration.

I organize retreats for adults and children TASTE of the WILD, where we have the opportunity to immerse into ourselves and listen to the body, we are in contact with nature, with the wild inside and outside of us, we awaken the inner being, use story symbols as medicine, express ourselves through dance, writing, land art, hand work…In this way, we recreate our lives, our aliveness and are reborn again and again.

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