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In a balance between
movement and stillness,
you and me,
leading and folowing,
be yourself.

ConTango A live.

dance & nonduality



When we're fully ALIVE,

in the MOMENT,

we become the DANCE itself.


Tango gives you form, stability, rhythm, CI softens it with some impact of freedom, experiment, playfulness. Experience both, two (almost) opposite approaches that makes a ONE Dance between Two (three, four () people alive, than fluid between partners gets visible. For me ConTango A live. is a platform for exploration of inner space, authentic qualities of your uniqueness meeting the other. Can we hear- feel the uniqueness of the other person? And still stay in our own energy?

In the workshop we will explore nondual qualities like emptiness, spaciousness, oneness and give them a chance to sense them through the body, to EMBODY them. I will bring in Authentic body Presence (pris (O) tno TELO) as my own technique of meditative states, intrinsic inner qualities. Embodiment of that qualities provides a clear moment to be always open and prepared for a new beginning, for a new moment, for a new dance, for a new experience. Authentic movement practice it is crucial to stay awake, to sustain aliveness.

Let's move with that awareness. And meet the other clearly.

That brings joy and lightness, playfulness and freedom.

Let's dance Alive!