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art-shamanic journey

three-day retreat in the nature

from 6-9 of August 2021

Sunny Grove, Karst, Slovenia

Thematics: embodiment throught movement, voice, intuitive reflexology, land art, wild food, story as medicine

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 Scented Aerial Retreat

a three-day retreat in the nature

September 23-26 2021, 

Sunny grove, Karst, Slovenia


topics: Authentic BODY Presence, Aerial Silk, Aromatherapy, Natural Cosmetics, Scented embodiment, Wild food, Story as Medicine


Authentic BODY Presence

embodiment trough voice&movement  

a new sets of meetings

from 6 of september till 25 of october

from 1 of November till 20 of December

Monday from 18h- 20h

Higher vibration,

Cesta Andreja Bitenca 68,

1000 Ljubljana

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The workshops start in October at Partizan Medvode and at the Waldorf School Ljubljana. The schedule will probably be the same as last year. applications at