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give an innovative GIFT!


You can choose from six gift certificate in various values ​​from € 20-€ 100. With them, you give an AERIAL adventures such as a birthday celebration, a performance at an event, workshops, individual lessons or AERIAL silk to hang in your garden. You can treat someone to a Fragrant AERIAL HOLIDAY that we will enjoy again in the summer of . Or a retreat that will be next in the summer of 2021.

You are invited to buy a special gift that you can't miss!


1-GIFT VOUCHER worth € 20

2-GIFT VOUCHER worth € 50

3-GIFT VOUCHER worth € 100

4-GIFT VOUCHER workshop1xweek / 1month (40 €)

5-GIFT VOUCHER workshop 1 week / 3 months (110 €)

6-GIFT VOUCHER-1.5-hour workshop at the event (100 €)

You can order the voucher via email

You will receive it in the mail the next day.

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