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ADULT'S workshops

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Practicing through the intertwining of dance movement techniques, from climbing, contemporary dance, yoga, contact improvisation, spontaneous dance, offers contact with the body in a unique way. It is important that the body feels relaxed, strong, flexible and persistent. It leads to the integrity of movement through the feeling of body moods and to the search for a balance between courage and caution.


Tuesday: 17:30-19:00

Waldorf school Ljubljana

free presentation: 

29.9.2020 at 17:30



Jona- aerial silk acrobatics

Student at the Faculty of Social Work in Ljubljana. I am an active spirit and so I found myself in aerial silk. I am also passionate about free climbing and mountaineering. I like to share my knowledge, because I always learn something new. I believe that we always achieve the most through cooperation. That is why I am very much looking forward to teaching aerial silk, as I am convinced that in good company and a pleasant ambience we will learn the tricks and push the limits of our abilities. I wish I could help everyone find their own unique way to learn new tricks and find sovereignty in air acrobatics.

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