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Life Live Live,

to feel the world

to freeze - stroke.

Stripped, opened up, skinless,

in the here and now, hopelessly cornered

It stroke me

You're alive, he's alive, we're alive.

Life in every moment,

without barriers, frames and concepts,

without preconceived ideas,

opens up, reveals, surrenders.

How open can your gaze be,

how wide your vision?  

How high the eye can reach,

how deep the heart can feel?

The world is woven with happiness,

imbued, enchanted with light,

trapped in light.

Be the creation of the world,

open bottom, 

fall, fiasco, collapse.


The translucent skin of the new world

heals the cracks of the shards.

Some wounds are deep and they hurt.

While they hurt, they heal,

when they heal, they hurt.

To be a man live, 

means to live, 

to feel the world.  


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