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My name is Urša and you can read more about me here.




Our lives are an endless process of re-creation, a constant journey through being and non-being, through life and death, through rise and fall. And each in his own way is UNIQUE in his creativity. We are a rainbow of infinitely cycling URUBORUS, re-creating itself while swallowing itself up. This is a contradiction of LIFE by itself. And we are a creative force. Alive and elusive.



I offer you programs, retreats and workshops where you can touch your primal creativity that you carry within you. There is the core of your being and the SOURCE of your life. But in order to understand our own contradictions, we must allow ourselves to feel them. Retreat ‘Taste of the WILD’ adreses the wilderness inside and the wilderness outside ourselves. Movement and voice as somatic intelligence, story symbols as medicine and intuitive reflexology as entrance into healing. If you want to travel to the MYSTERY of your body and find the power of self-healing in yourself, come to the set of meetings ‘Authentic BODY Presence’. You can enrich your self inquiry with meeting the others through playful ‘PRIMAL Contact Improvisation’ in the style of play-fight. It reflects the dynamics of the changing multi-layered existence of one's own living being. Get in TOUCH.

I run regular AERIAL silk workshops with my daughter Ronja. If you want a combination of aerial silk, aromatherapy and immersing in nature, I organise international spring and autumn Fragrant Aerial Retreats for adults and summer Fragrant Aerial holidays for children.



As a sustainable designer, I offer you the re-design of old clothes into NEW, I re-create a completely unique skirt, transparancies, bedcover, textile picture, visual poetry. Dress yourself, furnish your home in your own way. Let the BEAUTY surrounds you.



I like to push boundaries, overlap different fields, create new things on the THRESHOLD of the known world. If you have an idea to collaborate, contact me.

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