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Unique fashion&interior re-design 

light revives and inspires

enthusiasm over play and the complexity of the materials

pleasure with the alchemy of merging the impossible

joy while carrying and telling stories

joy to share what I love to do

luck that the old is reborn into the new ...

creates circulation and always new freshness ...

the name DI-light was born when I started creating translucent images between glasses. The idea came from D (the) light, ie exactly THAT light, but it immediately had the connotation of delight (excitement, happiness, pleasure, excess of something…). It’s been over 20 years and I’ve become a 34x different person in the meantime, but the name has stayed and I feel it’s still a part of me. To create and create again and again out of enthusiasm, after inspiration and for me, the goal is achieved if I inspire and inspire someone else. If this is not the case, the charm disappears. The charm of creativity for me is that beauty, enthusiasm, pleasure, joy and happiness are recreated over and over again. . .

In a balance between

light and shadow

simplicity and kitch

the old and the new

research and invention

dress up into YOURSELF

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