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there is a MOMENT….to RETREAT

Find your inner voice,

thread to your intuition,

unmistakable part of yourself.


Sometimes it’s best to let go, exhale, get some rest, think of nothing. Become empty, indulge in a complete new experience without a plan. Sometimes it’s good to let go of the reins, learn something new. Be a beginner, to know nothing, to take a break from yourself, from your life, from your family, from your ideas. Open up to new possibilities. Sometimes we don’t need to know why and how, sometimes we just need to FEEL ourselves as we are, wherever we are, without judgment and expectations, without accusations and corrections, without stories and roles. Sometimes we need to drop the role and explore ourselves beyond it. Sometimes we can just BE.


As my best quit is quit  of my mind’s dictat, I quit to listen my own threat, that I will fail, I quit to postpone my idea of who I am, I quit to believe what I was told. It is not about quitting the sistem on general, it’s about quitting of not feeding selfevidency. Just being here it can feed your status Quo position, if you never question pattern of your mind misleading. I don’t quit my inner voice, that knows to head where quitting is not needed anymore. 


welcome to two three-day retreats in Karst, Slovenia


Autumn Scented Aerial Retreat

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