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creative women cyrcle

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Story TOUCH :

 creative women's circle


a journey into wholeness


Sunday 5pm-8pm, 

Higher Vibration, 



27.2. : CINDERELLA : the search for self-worth

20.3. THREE GOLDEN HAIR : eternal spring

17.4. : WOLF WOMAN : resurrection of the wild woman 

15.5. VASILISA : contact with intuition




We invite you on a very special creative exploration journey. Let us journey together into the land of the story, where we encounter different aspects of ourselves and lovingly put them together into a whole. Let us journey into our inner forests. Let's find the house of the wild baba, where we are given tasks we don't know how to solve. As well as sometimes in our everyday lives. Don't we? Meetings will be an interplay of listening the stories, unravelling their meanings through handwork, dance, painting, writing and reflections. 


As we delve deeper into ourselves, the mythical world flows through us, we see through the symbols and hear the messages of nature, the forest, the animals. We are crossed by fairies and fall into a golden pond, we lose our way and find our lineage again, we are wounded and a frog turns into a prince, we ride on coloured horses and we are both women and seals and tears heal, we climb a tower and we are witches, little girls, stepmothers, yaga babas, we are a key and a lock, we are feathers and a hair, we are a bear and a happy ending, we are maimed and healed, we are naive and wise, we are...we are... we are confused and whole, we are poetic and  hard, we are the warriors and the mild lambs, we are the path, we are the way into the woods and we are the way out of the woods, we are the skulls of light, the power of knowing and the power of forgetting, we are the connoisseurs and the seers and the wise women, we are the boys, the wild men... We are the golden wedding and the helper birds who help us to separate the wheat from the chaff, the golden and the grey, the ashen and the gilded, ... We are all these in the depths of our worlds, because at the level of the mythical we know all the nuances of being and non-being.

...And...and when we swim back it's all just a fairy tale, a story, a myth, a narrative, As a trace of this journey, perhaps a poem or a cognition, a thought or a feeling, a picture and a knowing remains. ..Or none of these, just a breath of enchantment that cannot be described. This is how the journey through the mythic, through symbols, through stories works. Maybe that 'something' happens to us, like an echo, like a call, like a gentle touch... Let ourselves be surprised by the story.

Let us bring together the worlds above, below and in between. We are their intertwining.

We will meet our fear and courage, jealousy, forgiveness, anger, hatred, monsters. And self-love that forgives through understanding the different layers of our inner world.

You are invited on a journey into your wholeness through recognising the wisdom of the symbols within us and in our lives.



Led by:

 Urša Štrukelj (philosopher, creator, dancer) and 

Ana Korošec (reflexotherapist, Kundalini yoga teacher, healer).

Inspiration for the woman cyrcle is the exploration of our own 'wilderness'  in life, the book Women who run with the Wolves and the call of sisterhood.

We prepared it with love for the instinctive and divine woman in us and within you.



As a philosopher, I often reflect on the world through symbols. I use symbols as a way to stay in touch with the mystical. In stories, fairy tales and myths I see access to deeper aspects of ourselves and our lives. Many years ago I adopted the book Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarisse P.Estes as my 'bible'. And I still get a fresh message every time I open it. I am inspired not only by its content, but also by the poetry of it. So I am interested in how we can feel the mythical content in a way that does not rob us of its depth. So that, despite the analysis that our mind needs, we do not diminish the poetic value of the mythical. Because I am a creative by nature, I also approach the journey Story TOUCH, through the creative process. This automatically pushes us to actively engage and activate the part of ourselves that integrates the content naturally, through the artistic process. I love to explore new ways of expressing and integrating content. More about my journey here. 


We have developed a series of journeys through four fairy tales that will connect us to the four great festivals of awakening: Carnival, Spring Equinox, Easter and Vesak (the birth of the Buddha). This is how we celebrate the awakening of our consciousness.

We warmly welcome you to the creative women's circle.


27.2. : CINDERELA : finding your own value

We all know the story of the beautiful pre-humble girl who is a maid in her own family. In life, too, we are suddenly thrown from our childhood paradise into a 'cruel' world. A good mother dies. Suddenly we realise that the world is not quite as we imagined it. We recognise evil, jealousy and intrigue. The humiliations shatter our sense of self-worth. Suddenly, our own family is no longer ideal. We become Cinderellas. We lose ourselves in self-criticism and our primary value is threatened. We expropriate parts of ourselves and lose ourselves in external validation. But a part of us remains in touch with the primal elements, fire, air, nature, animals... Of course, at the same time, with ashes, soot, neglect. But the beautiful dresses do not help the charming sisters to be noticed by the prince. How does Cinderella get back in touch with the magic of the world, who grants her wish, dresses her up beautifully and takes her to the ball? Why can she only be at the ball until midnight and why are the shoes from glass? Why does only the shoe remain, the rest disappears? Cinderella reflects many of our own stories. Let us listen to them. 


20.3. THREE GOLDEN HATS : Eternal Spring

The story of an old man who, hunched over, old and powerless, loses his way in the forest. When he is completely stunned, he is found by the Wise Old Woman. Overnight, the old man rejuvenates into a child and becomes the morning sun. The vernal equinox, the time of transition between winter and spring, the time of letting go of what we experienced in winter. In this winter time. Symbolically, we are coming to the end of the story of rejuvenation, of the eternal process of being born anew. The three golden hairs will remind us what we need to throw away, which of our ideas are outdated and useless. The mental world represented by the tired old man sometimes needs to be forgotten. Let the night drive him into the void, into nothingness, into a new beginning. What new thing does he want to bring into the world? The old gives birth to the new. But first we must rest in the arms of the old woman who knows that we need time to rest. 


17.4. : WOLF WOMAN : resurrection of the wild woman 

The story is about an old woman, the Wolf Woman, who collects bones and resurrects new lives. The Wolf Woman is the master and goddess of life, death, life. She is the wisdom of transformation that reminds us always that we are still in the making, in process, that we are beings in growth. Unfinished...And sometimes we lose parts of ourselves. We have to venture into the wilderness of the psyche to find our bones, to identify them, to gather them, and to sing over them, to awaken and come alive. Again and again. We will also touch on the story of the Skeleton that reminds us of the death itself, lying at the bottom of our inner lake. What have we forgotten to feel? We get excited and catch a 'big fish' that scares us. Despite his fear, the fisherman unties the skeleton woman and opens the door of his home to her. It touches the renewal within us and in our relationship with others. How deeply are we willing to look death in the eye? To come to terms with change, to lie next to the skeleton woman, to give her our fur. What is the power of a tear? To beat the drum of the heart? To be vulnerable? Let the Wolf Woman show us the power of transformation.


15.5. VASILISA : contact with intuition

The story reveals the contact with our primary intuition, which flows through the feminine lineage, through the mother. How to listen to it? Where does it lead you? How to feed it? What does fire mean, the search for fire, the three horsemen, the three colours of the alchemical process, black, red, white? We have a scary journey into an unknown forest, listening to the doll, meeting the wild Jaga baba, difficult tasks and catching the right moment to leave, because Jaga baba might eat us by the way. And in the next step, to accept the power of consciousness, the power of knowing, which is like a glowing skull, her gift... Even for gifts we need the courage to accept them. A woman's initiation into her true nature. May Vasilisa remind us to remember who we are. And help us to shake out of our lives the jealous sister and the malicious stepmother. With the power of consciousness, cast all the unnecessary out of our lives. But it is a long way to get there. To connect with the inner voice, to overcome fear and to endure in the face of glowing knowing. 


Contribution to the meeting: 50€

Contribution for 4 meetings: 160€ 


This series of stories will be followed by the Taste of the Wild retreat, Sunny Grove, 26-29 May 2022, where, in addition to Story TOUCH, we will learn about intuitive reflexology, land art, wild food, movement and voice.


And in October we continue our journey, where we will step into the skin of the Thule Woman, dance in the Red Shoes, unwind Ariadne's thread in Minatavro and become mama bears in Courage, embody Beauty and the Beast and many more.

Join us on this rich journey into the depths of your own.


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