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Since we all enjoyed this year's holiday so much, we will repeat it next year. It was loved by both the children and the parents and the whole work team. All of our landart artworks have impressed even the mistress of the Sunny grove. We can come again! Welcome next year. To find out more about what was going on this year click here.

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creative holidays for children

2.-6. July 2023

Sunny grove, Karst,



At the edge of the village of Hudi log is a property, on the property there is a house, in front of the house there is a tree and on the tree three aerial silks are hanging. Next to the tree there is a round stone table, next to the house there is a lavender plantation, in front of the house there is a large meadow, next to the meadow there is a colourful fairy tale house. Everything is perfectly ready to once again enchant interesting, fragrant, magical, pretty wild holidays, where we will dance on aerial silks, create our own scented preparations, sharpen our noses, distill lavender, do grass yoga, dance and laugh. And of course! Do nothing, as we have holidays. We will become land artists that use nature to create with stones, wood, moss, leaves, branches, with whatever we find on our property. We will have philosophical debates, moments of silence and fairytale trips.

We will have to gather some wood during the day to play instruments, sing, dance and have fun by the fire in the evening. We will sleep in a house, a mini house, in a hammock or in a tent on the lawn. Optional!

We will be divided into two groups according to age, which will alternate in aerail silk workshop and aromaterapy.


Marša proved to be an exquisite vegan-veggie cuisine, spiced with wild food that we will pick ourselves. ps: Even meat eater survived last year.


This holiday is a mixture of free play, learning new skills and raising children's awareness of what nature has to offer. How do we cultivate a relationship with nature? We are artists along with her. Nature and everything alive in it is everything alive in us. What can we use for nutrition, what for health, what for spots, what for burns, what for care? How to become as self-sufficient as we can? How do we feel nature only in silence? Why are we ever quiet? And why do we urgently need to talk about certain things, share an opinion? We will have a special time to practice silence and practice expressing opinions, debating.


Bring an instrument, a sleeping bag, a floor mat, clothes that you no longer wear for exchange and one personal gift.


Transport from Ljubljana to the Karst will be provided by van.

At the end, on Friday, July 8, at 4 pm, parents are invited to come and see us. We’re going to have a short presentation of our 5-day get-together, so be punctual. We will do a sensual interactive performance for parents. It will touch on what we have created in nature, how we trained on silk, what new edible plants we know, what cosmetics we have created for home, what we have debated. There will be much to see, hear, to smell and to marvel at.

Wonder is the source of Aliveness!


framework PROGRAM:

8-9h- Meadow DANCE (waking up in silence and the morning circle of feelings)

9-10h- WILD buffet breakfast

10h-12h- aerial SILK / SCENTED magic

12h-14h- LAND art- (creation with nature, in nature)

14h-15h- WILD lunch- on fire

16h-18h- aerial SILK / SCENTED magic

18h-19h- dinner- from a fairy tale

FIRE, singing, dancing making music

from 10am on SILENCE!


Holidays are intended for children who like to explore new things and want to learn new skills. Anyone who can take 5 days from home and without parents is welcome. No phones, no calling home and no early departure during the holidays. Please discuss this with the children in advance.




visual artist, philosopher, dancer


I love nature, wilderness, dance and creativity. I graduated in philosophy & sociology of culture. I work as an artist.

For me creativity is a never-ending process that changes its art forms and expressions. It travels through the physical and spiritual worlds, creating us, tearing us apart and creating us again. It recreates and changes us. Thus, my design brand DILIGHT is more than a 20-year journey through various art forms of interior design, sustainable fashion and ecological awareness projects. It is currently on the verge of innovative-sustainable re-design.

I like to see children free, I give them the opportunity to express themselves in their own way, through movement, conversation, creation. So they can test their ideas they have, no matter the outcome. Through testing their own limits, they can only get to know themselves and the abilities they have. Competency is built on exploration of dearing at the right measure. Not too much, not too little! And where is it? For everyone else.

Spontaneity on the one hand, and cultivation on the other, together help a child to develop natural integrity. Balance! That's the key word. Balances between courage and caution, between spontaneity and compassion.

I’m developing contemplative movement practice Authentic BODY Presence, where through movement and voice we embody the multidimensionality of all our bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, light…) Is a transformative practice of self-healing and integration. My research is based in Buddhism, Tantrism, non-dual experiential teachings.


Ana Ličina

aromatherapy, perfumery, herbalism, natural care


We humans are very receptive to learning about scents, about aromatic medicinal plants, and nature. So it is a great pleasure for me to pray under your nose leaves with drops of benzoin, mandarin, vanilla, cocoa, spruce, geranium (they all remember quickly like lightning) and then observe their expression on your face and listen to the comments. Or I show them on the lawn what a friend’s plant looks like and what all the healing and fragrant they can find there. I have been practicing aromatherapy for 25 years and I am a certified aromatherapist. In 2020, I founded Ana Ličina Aroma Atelier, and before that I was a co-founder and professional head of the School of Aromatherapy. My passion is the design and implementation of various aromatherapy trainings: workshops, symposia, consultations, excursions, courses, circles, perfume exhibitions. Their red thread is that they smell nice. I am especially interested in perfumery, distillation and the influence of scents on our emotions and subconscious. It seems important to me that people should know at least the most common medicinal plants that can be harvested for tea. And to be able to do something simple on your own - like a cream or deodorant. We really don’t need a PhD or a factory for this. And because our children will probably need this knowledge even more than we do, I run the Scented Magic circle at the Waldorf School. I enjoy making natural cosmetics with children, smoking ancient incense, picking and distilling, and becoming more sensitive to the fragrant world around us.


Ronja Štrukelj Kreč

aerial silk


9.g. Waldorf school Ljubljana

Ronja loves all animals. For two years she helps Urša to teach aerial silk, otherwise it is carried out since it was a brief. He performed at several events such as Medieval days, Slovenia has talent (2018), at the Festival of Street Theater Ana Desetnica (2020) as part of the River of Seven Names. She also loves skating. painting and creating.In May 2021 she had, together with Urša, her first painting exhibition Live.


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