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photos from last year retreat you can see here...

SPRING Scented Dance Retreat

5-8 may 2022,

Sunny grove, Karst, Slovenia








movement&voice embodiment, aerial silk, aromatherapy, natural cosmetics, scented embodiment, wild food, story as medicine


Aliveness in nature is aliveness in us.

How do we re-connect with the

wildness within and in our enviroment?

How do we let go and empower ourselves

with what nature provides.

Let’s find wonderness back!


On the edge of the village Hudi log is a place, a restored karst house. In front of the house there is a tree, on the tree three aerial silks are hanging. Under the tree there is a round stone table, next to the house there is a lavender field. In front of the house there is a large meadow, next to the meadow there is a colourful fairytale cottage. Next to the cottage there is an Art cafe that Ana uses as her Aroma atelier. Everything around smells on wilderness and freshness and invites us to take a break from everything winterish and jump into springish. Let’s  awaken creativity in us and  learn about the natural power of plants and how to use them. How do we make face cream, deodorant and incense by ourselves? How do we destilate plants? What does wild food taste like? How do story symbols address our inner world? Let’s loosen the bonds of our bodies. Let’s embody spontainety with movement and voice. Let us feel ourselves through all our senses. We reconnect our body, voice, smell, beauty, listening. Let us find our wholeness. Let us allow ourselves to be. Just BE.



daily program:

free silence FLOW

8am-9am -  movement&voice embodiment  on the meadow - Urša

9h-10h…. wild BREAKFAST in silence (buffet breakfast)

10h-12h… AROMA atelie (workshop of natural cosmetics) - Ana

12:30-14h….Aerial SILK (workshop) - Ronja

14h-15h… wild LUNCH (on fire)

free day FLOW

16h-18h… Scented embodiment ( dance trip) Urša&Ana

19h-20h… themed DINNER 

20h-22h… story as MEDICINE (shamanic journey through the symbolism of the stories) - Urša

free night FLOW


The program adapts to the ‘flow’ of the group.

We arrive on Thursday at 6pm where we have an introductory evening, accommodation and dinner.

We finish on Sunday at 6pm.


290e (registration and payment by the 15.4. 2022)

320e (until places are filled)

Payment in two instalments is possible if the full amount is a problem for anyone.

The price includes all the costs of accommodation, food, workshops and natural cosmetics that you take home with you.

Places are limited to 10 participants.

The food will be an excellent vegan-vegi kitchen with a touch of wild food.

Accommodation is possible in a house in rooms for 3-4, in a house by the lawn or in a tent on the lawn.

Apply to:



Urša Štrukelj

re-creator, holistic dancer, philosopher

I love wilderness, dance, my two children, creativity and travelling. 

I have a degree in philosophy and sociology of culture and work as an artist.

My research is based in Buddhism, Tantrism, non-dual experiential teachings, which I integrate with movement practices and translate into creation. Creativity for me is a never-ending process that changes its artistic forms and expressions. It travels through the physical and spiritual worlds, creating us, breaking us down and re-creating us again. It recreates and transforms us.

more about me


Ana Ličina

aromatherapy, perfumery, herbalism, natural care

I came across essential oils when I was working at Yamcica, a small eco-shop in Ljubljana, during my study. It was love at first breath, and it hasn't faded even after 30 years. Except now I know a lot more about these bottles, they made me turn my boat 180 degrees, I did the necessary training and decided to devote myself to the world of fragrant plants. In 2020 I founded Aroma Atelier, and from 2014 to 2020 I was the co-founder and professional director of the School of Aromatherapy. My passion is the design and delivery of various aromatherapy trainings: workshops, symposiums, consultations, excursions, courses, circles, perfumery exhibitions. Their common thread is to smell. I am particularly interested in perfumery, distillation and the influence of scents on our emotions and subconscious. It is important to me that people know at least the most common medicinal plants that grow in our country. And to be able to make at least some simple skincare products from natural ingredients. I enjoy the courses when we smell, make cosmetics, smell ancient incense, collect and destilate and become more sensitive to the fragrant world around us

more about me


Ronja Štrukelj Kreč

aerial silk

9 р. Waldorf School Ljubljana

I have been helping Urša teach aerial silk for four years, but I have encountered this since I start to walk. I started training intensively five years ago. I have performed at several events such as Medieval Days, the show Slovenia Has Talent (2018), at the Ana Desetnica Street Theater Festival (2020-21) as part of the River of Seven Names project. I love to skate, I have always loved to draw, paint and create. I love all animals. In May 2021, together with Urša, I had my first painting exhibition “Live”. I wrote my poetry collection as the final completion project of the Waldorf School. I will soon release it as Salty Tears of Happiness.


Marša Jović

vegan-vegetarian kitchen


I’m in love with life, music and Africa. Vegan by conviction, a dancer by soul and a linguist by heart. These three currents lead me to navigate between translation, education, teaching, entrepreneurship, and volunteering. I am a tireless seeker of new knowledge.

Connecting with people and activities that brings peace and creativity inspires me. With them in that space, I relax into creating dishes that support lightness in the body. Don't ask me for a recipe :) but the ingredients are live, vegetable, fresh, light and wild. Let's go eat!

A few years ago, with a friend we wrote a cookbook, Dao in the Kitchen. It tracks the four seasons, monitors changes in nature and takes them into account; at any time of the year it uses nutrients that nature provides at that time.

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