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PERFORMANCES- references

It has been a year of 2003 when we first hold aerail silk in our hands, at PTL in the Volodja’s (Fr) workshop. We were soon excited to create Wings of Wings, a multimedia aerial performance that unfolded among the plane trees of Zvezda Park in Ljubljana. It was then that we created the group Troupe Aduta. Other performances at the Ana Desetnica festival followed, as well as many appearances at events, openings, celebrations and festivals. This was followed by workshops around the world, such as in Jordan and Lapland. Regular workshops at the Waldorf School Ljubljana, in Medvode. A family group performance at Talents, then in Thermany. And by the way, a new generation took the baton...

If you would like to incorporate the elegance of aerial movement into your event or performance, please contact



2022 - Burning Man Festival, Rakitna,  aerial silk performance, Ronja Š.Kreč

2021/22 - Festival Ana Desetnica, River of Seven Names; Ronja Š.Kreč

2019 - Geberit party,  aerial silk performance, by Ronja Š.Kreč

2019 - Laško, performance at the skyline, Ronja&Urša

2019 - Youth Day, Ormož, performance and workshops

2018 - Talents, performance

2018 - 500 Women Entrepreneurs, aerial silk performance

2018 - Ljubljana Castle, Triglav celebration,  aerial silk performance

2017 - Wine Festival, Ljubljana,  aerial silk performance

2017 - TPV opening,  aerial silk performance

2016 - PCL, performance at Ford promotional event

2016 - National Climbing Championships,  aerial silk performance

2014-2017 - Reichenburg Castle, Medieval Day, performance and workshops

2015 - PCL, anniversary celebration,  aerial silk performance

2015 - Kresna noc Bohinj,  aerial silk performance, workshops

2013 - Echoes, multimedia performance

2012 - Kino Šiška, celebration of the anniversary of the Fire Brigade,  aerial silk performance

2011 - Lapland Festival, performance and workshops

2010 - Grmurzynska Gallery, St. Moritz, performance at the opening of the exhibition

2009 - Festival Ana Tennica, Golden Pear, multimedia performance

2008 - Opening of Technopolis Celje, aerial performance on the glass facade

2004 - Festival Ana Desetnica, Wings of Wings, aerial performance

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