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urša štrukelj
Creator, holistic dancer

I adore wilderness, dancing, creativity and traveling.

I have a degree in philosophy and sociology of culture and I work as an artist.

My research is based on Buddhism, Tantrism, non-dual experiential teachings that I connect with movement practices and translate them to creations. For me, creativity is a never-ending process that changes its art forms and expressions. It travels through the physical and spiritual worlds, creating us, tearing us apart, and re-creating us over and over again. It recreates and changes us. Thus, my design brand DILIGHT is more than a 20-year journey through various art forms of interior design, sustainable fashion and ecological awareness projects. It is currently on the edge of innovative-sustainable re-design.

My dance background comes from contemporary dance, aerial silk, contact improvisation, tango and con-tango. Working with the body, movement and voice has great potential for self-awareness and deepening of oneself and seeking contact with oneself as a whole being. I am interested in human potential in all its uniqueness, authenticity and realization of it.

I am developing a contemplative movement practice Authentic BODY Presence, where through movement and voice we embody the multidimensionality of all our bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, collective, light…) Is a transformative shamanic practice of self-healing and integration.

I organize retreats for adults and children TASTE of the WILD, where we have the opportunity to immerse into ourselves and listen to the body, we are in contact with nature, with the wild inside and outside of us, we awaken the inner being, use story symbols as medicine, express ourselves through dance, writing , land art, hand work…In this way, we recreate our lives, our aliveness and are reborn again and again.





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