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DOTIK zgodb - v naravi

kreativni ženski krog

od 21-24.septembra 2023

Sončni log, Kras

TASTE of the WILD : creative woman cyrcle

retreat in the nature

from 26-29 of May 2022

Sunny Grove, Karst, Slovenia


Thematics: embodiment throught movement, voice, intuitive reflexology, land art, wild food, story TOUCH


Our journey of story TOUCH we will conclude on common retreat where we will also get to immersed with intuitive reflexology, which is suitable for both beginners and experienced therapists, masseurs. In May, the Karst nature will be rich in wild plants, which we will include in our daily diet. Our creativity, however, will flourish like nature around us through movement, voice, writing, land art, and self-healing. 


Wildness is Aliveness of your being.

A taste of your authentic Self,

a source of your Creativity.


Meeting the wild is sometimes a meeting with an unknown, uninvited, strange, freaky and unpredictable aspect inside and outside of yourself.

And why should something be wrong with that?

You embrace all the aspects of yourself and the world, from the loving to the unwanted, and begin to 'domesticate’ them.

Wilderness is the beauty of Being, the unpredictability of life. A surprising moment.

PRESENT authenticity.


we invite you on rande vous with the wildness inside and outside of you. 


aplly on:


Daily program:


8am-9am -movement- voice meditation - Urša

9h-10h…. wild BREAKFAST in silence (buffet breakfast)

10h-12h… INTUITIVE reflexology workshop - Ana

14h-15h… wild LUNCH (on fire)

16h-18h… story TOUCH (healing journey ) Urša & Ana

18h-19h… .landART- creation with nature, in nature - Urša

19h-20h… themed DINNER

20h-22h… fire, dancing, playing instruments, socializing, integration


The program adapts to the ‘flow’ of the group.

We arrive on thursday at 6pm where we have an introductory evening, accommodation and dinner.

We finish on Monday at 6pm.

The morning part of the program will take place in silence. Namely waking up, dancing on the lawn and breakfast, until intuitive reflexology workshop. In this way we allow ourselves to enter the world beyond our own mental structures and more easily connect with the intuitive part of ourselves. 



300e (registration and payment until 5.4.2022)

350e (until places are filled)

The price includes all costs of accommodation, food, workshops.

Places are limited to 10 participants.

The food will be exquisite vegan-vegetarian cuisine with a touch of surrounding wild food.

Accommodation is possible in a house in rooms for 3-4, in a house by the lawn or in a tent on the lawn.



visual artist, philosopher, dancer


I love nature, wilderness, dance and creativity. I graduated in philosophy & sociology of culture. I work as an artist.

For me creativity is a never-ending process that changes its art forms and expressions. It travels through the physical and spiritual worlds, creating us, tearing us apart and creating us again. It recreates and changes us. Thus, my design brand DILIGHT is more than a 20-year journey through various art forms of interior design, sustainable fashion and ecological awareness projects. It is currently on the verge of innovative-sustainable re-design.

My dance background is 20 years of experience in contemporary dance, contact improvisation, 16 years of aerial silk, 12 years of tango, 6 years of conTanga. Working with the body, movement and voice has great potential for self-awareness and deepening and integrating oneself as a whole being.

I am interested in human potential in all its uniqueness, authenticity and embodiment of that.

I’m developing contemplative movement practice Authentic BODY Presence, where through movement and voice we embody the multidimensionality of all our bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, light…) Is a transformative practice of self-healing and integration. My research is based in Buddhism, Tantrism, non-dual experiential teachings.

I organize retreats for adults and children TASTE OF THE WILD, where we have the opportunity to immerse into ourselves and listen to our bodies, we are in contact with nature, with the wild inside and outside of us, we awaken the inner being, listen to intimate stories, express ourselves through dance, creative writing , land art. In this way we give ourselves an opportunity to create our lives, recreate our aliveness, and are re-born again and again.


Ana Korošec

holistic therapist, yoga teacher and intuitive reflexology teacher


I work a lot individually and also with groups. I lead workshops on personal growth and awakening of consciousness. In my work I use fairy tales, meditation, touch and foot massage.

This time we will learn how to get into deeper contact with ourselves and with each other through a foot massage. How it can help us strengthen the immune system, release internal tensions, distress and stress, and also alleviate specific disease problems such as bladder inflammation, headaches, viruses, sciatica colds and many others.

Intuitive reflexology will appeal to both beginners and those already experienced in reflexology, as it reveals the deeper layers of healing.

Together with Urša, we will also weave fairytale journeys into ourselves, where we will discover the hidden corners of our creativity and inner beauty.


Marša Jović

vegan-vegetarian kitchen


I’m in love with life, music and Africa. Vegan by conviction, a dancer by soul and a linguist by heart. These three currents lead me to navigate between translation, education, teaching, entrepreneurship, and volunteering. I am a tireless seeker of new knowledge.

Connecting with people and activities that brings peace and creativity inspires me. With them in that space, I relax into creating dishes that support lightness in the body. Don't ask me for a recipe :) but the ingredients are live, vegetable, fresh, light and wild. Let's go eat!

A few years ago, with a friend we wrote a cookbook, Dao in the Kitchen. It tracks the four seasons, monitors changes in nature and takes them into account; at any time of the year it uses nutrients that nature provides at that time.

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