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Creative gathering

7-11 July 2023

Sunny grove, the Karst

for young people aged 13 and up


As some of our children have grown into young adults, the Holiday has also grown into a timeOFF .

It is suitable for young people aged 13 and upwards who want a creative gathering full of movement, creativity into nature and music. 

On the edge of the village of Hudi Log there is a property, on the property there is a house, in front of the house there is a tree and on the tree there are three aerial silks hanging. Next to the tree is a round stone table, next to the house is a grove of lavender, in front of the house is a large meadow and next to the meadow is a colourful fairy house. The space itself offers us plenty of creative outlets of all kinds. Every day we will have aerial silk workshops with Ronja and Jona. Ana will surprice with all kinds of hair, skin and body care products. She will teach us basic reflexology techniques. Each morning we will gather one topic we would like to talk about and have philosophical discussions about it towards the evening. We will exchange 2.hand clothes that everyone brings with them. What will be left, we will redesign into other useful things. Urša will guide us through creative projects according to the ideas that come up. We will talk them through and implement some of them. How to make natural materials useful for artistic and practical purposes? How do you make a precious object reusable? So together we will open a daily creative lab that apllys to local suroundings, nature and a house. 


Bring your favourite instrument, a sleeping bag, a floor mat, clothes you no longer wear and one object that would be suitable for repurposing. We will sleep in a house, a mini-house, a hammock or a tent on the lawn. As you wish! 



8-9 am- MORNING MOVEMENT CYRCLE (games, exercises, feeling circle, theme of the day)

9-10h- WILD (buffet) breakfast


12h-14h- CREATIVE LAB (clothing alterations, land art, painting, music...)

14h-15h- WILD LUNCH - on the fire


18h-19h- Dinner

19h-20h- PHILOSOPHICAL circle

20h onwards- FIRE, music jam, singing, dancing, socialising CYRCLE


PRICE: 270€ (payment due by 17 April)

           330€ (until places are filled)

The number of participants is limited to 15, so please register as soon as possible.

The price includes transport to the Karst, accommodation, meals, materials and packaging for making natural cosmetics to take home, materials for creating.







Project Manager, Morning Movement Circle, Creative Lab

As a mother of two youngsters, I see how important it is for young people to be in touch with nature and to be able to test their creativity. The world requires them to be practical and efficient, but it is difficult to find their oportunity to test their talents and develop their creativity. I would like to share my many creative practices, such as dance, clothings redesign, recycling in general, interior decoration, painting, land art, with young people so that I can support their ideas and we can create something new together. Creative thinking is important to build self-confidence, to think independently about life and to empower people to create a life of their own. It always starts with the first step and that is Trusting yourself, Trusting your ideas. Let’s do it!

More about my background here



aromatherapy, perfumery, herbalism, natural care

Using essential oils and other treasures of nature, we will create great care products tailored to adolescents. I would like to teach them how to make scrubs, masks, pimple cleansing oils, healing oils for menstrual cramps, wraps for beautiful hair, their first natural perfume and even some natural make-up. It is especially important for girls to learn to appreciate their growing bodies and to care for them in a natural way - this will last them a lifetime. Medicinal scented plants are made for this purpose, and parents too can be sure that we will take care of ourselves in a completely natural way - without harmful preservatives, artificial flavourings and similar rubbish. ;) 

I think it is important that young people know about the medicinal plants that can be picked for tea. And that they know how to make at least some simple care products themselves. We don't need a PhD for that, and even less a factory. And because our children will probably need this knowledge even more than we do, I run the Scented Magic Circle at the Waldorf School. I enjoy making natural cosmetics with the children, smelling ancient incense, collecting and distilling plants and becoming more sensitive to the fragrant world around us.



aerial silk, music cyrcle

Performing at events as a dancer, performer and musician has been a lifelong ambition of mine for several years. I am happy to share my knowledge with anyone who is willing to accept it. Our holidays are a wonderful mix of different workshops where everyone decides what they like and what they don't like. Last year I really enjoyed playing music together and having spontaneous jam sessions. 

I've been doing aerial silk for a few years now, and I also help run workshops at the Waldorf School.

I have performed at several events such as Medieval Days, Slovenia's Got Talent (2018), Ana Desetnica (2020-23) as part of the River of Seven Names project, and at the anniversary of Thermana Laško. I have organised workshops for children at several festivals and events. I performed my first solo dance performance in Belgrade as part of Cirko Balkan.

I love skating, I have always loved drawing, painting and creating. I love all animals. In May 2021 I had my first painting exhibition "Live". I wrote my poetry collection as a final project of my Waldorf School graduation. I love dancing and music, travelling and socialising, I also play the piano and guitar and enjoy playing other instruments.




aerial silk, music cyrcle

I first came across aerial silk eight years ago and I was instantly hooked. I was a dedicated student for several years, and in the last three years I have also tried my hand as a silk dance instructor. I have discovered that there are many challenges in teaching the discipline of circus, but also endless pleasure, joy and pride in seeing the progress and satisfaction of all the practitioners. Good interpersonal relationships are also important to me in training, as I am convinced that it is in a pleasant atmosphere that we can make the best progress. 

Apart from Aerial Silk, music is also a great passion of mine. I love to sing and play the guitar, especially when someone else joins me. I believe that music brings people together and connects us, because everyone adds a little bit of themselves, which makes it all even more magical. So our holidays is the perfect opportunity to learn about aerail silk eather for the first time, or upgrade your knowledge, while having fun making art and music in a beautiful landscape.

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