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an exhibition of visual poetry,transparancies and paintings

authors: Urša Štrukelj and Ronja Š. Kreč

opening on 22.5.2021 at 6 pm, gallery Lična hiša, Ajdovščina

art program: Ronja-ples na svili

                     Blaž Učakar (Čedahuči), Ronja Š Kreč, Luka Krebs





Two artists, a mother and a daughter, each in their own way, will combine their work into a group sales exhibition.

Urša will merge her creativity into textiles and the art of visual poetry, while Ronja will create through the technique of acryl on canvas and include her poetry as an accompaniment to paintings.

The young artist Ronja recently experienced a severe ordeal, which marked her. Their family house and everything in it burned down. Painting and making music helps her process difficult feelings. Ronja is a big fan of horses, she has been riding for a while, and she has also competed in the past. By selling the works, we would raise funds to buy a (therapeutic) horse that she really wish for. She developed her many artistic talents.

At the opening, she will perform on aerial silk and play piano with musician Blaž Učakar (Čedahuči). 

The theme of the exhibition raises the question How deep can we feel? At the same time, it invites us to taste and experience the experience itself. What is it that we experience, ourselves or life? Are we ‘vigilantly’ experiencing , witnessing life itself, or creating it as something mentally recreated? These questions, however, are not mental and philosophical in nature, but invite us to immerse ourselves in the experience through poems and images.

Life is sometimes not only pleasure and beauty, but also pain and darkness. The creative processes we allow to idle are a powerful catalyst for expressing the deepest feelings and records within us. After all, every powerful event or catastrophe is written somewhere in our body. We can merge them into an image, a song, a dance, into creativity. Creation is the process of letting go of this flow of life. Can you feel it? Can you follow it?


With the exhibited works, we invite you to explore wakefulness and curiosity. What image or poem awakens in you? Can you recognize your own beauty and also your own pain? The world is an intertwining of all this, and if we avoid it, we cannot feel it in all its fullness.

We invite you to mindfulness and compassion.

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